Citizens urged to report staff


LANDS and Physical Planning secretary Benjamin Samson wants citizens to report any officers from his department who are asking for favours to get their job done.
Samson said the department aimed to continue its standard practice of transparency and accountability while trying to improve its services.
He urged citizens to report officers unnecessarily delaying and cheating on the people.
“Any such information must be lodged at the complaints desk at the department,” Samson said.
“Lands is the second, after police, to have large number of cases filed against the department.
“There are over 1,500 cases being filed against the department.
“I have issued a circular to everyone that anybody who does anything deliberately and the matter goes to court he/she would be dealt with.”
Samson urged officers to observe all polices and different legislations under the department.
He urged people who had issues with land compensation not to turn up to the department.
The department does not have any funding at this stage to address these issues, he said.
“If you come here and we give you the same story, you will be frustrated,” he said.
“To avoid getting frustrated, remain at home and the officers will advise when you should turn up.
“There are misperceptions among landowners about the use of their land.
“Giving away your land for development should be seen as public-private partnership.
“Landowners, you are giving your land for government services but we still have landowners coming and asking for compensation which is unfair on the government. We are looking at ways on how to strike some balance. We have done some paper work but it requires endorsement.”

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