City’s decline blamed on bad leadership

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013

 A CANDIDATE for the lord mayor’s seat in the Lae Urban local level government (LLG) election says bad leadership is the main cause of stagnation in the city’s development and growth. 

Motor mechanic and long-time Lae resident Joseph Kale said social issues had also dampened growth of the city and if not resolved quickly could worsen.

Kale, who has also served as a pastor with Church of Christ, said leaders had failed to change and mould the attitudes of city residents to think unity resulting in the emergence of ethnic problems. 

Business in Lae had closed on two occasions over the past three years due to ethnic clashes between people from Morobe and the Highlands.   

Kale said Lae could be developed into an urbanised garden city and model industrial hub of the country.

“There is a growing unease among young people and ethnic suspicions and clashes were marring the image of Lae.

“It is time for leaders to work together to start solving these issues while they are in their infant stage.

“That is why I am putting my hand up because I believe in the prosperity of this city.

“I want to contribute towards making it a beautiful, united and truly cosmopolitan place,” Kale said.