City authority warns street vendors in Mt Hagen


THE Mt Hagen city authority is warning street vendors, whether they’re selling food, garden produce or marijuana, to stop the practise or else face the consequences.
City manager Jim Pena said the authority was working to make sure that it was safe, clean and free from illegal activities.
He said many people were starting to respect rules but only a few were going around destroying the good image.
Pena said the city had copped its share of bad publicity on rubbish, law and order issues and his management style.
“There are markets where people are allowed to sell their produce instead of coming into the city,” he said.
Pena said it was an eyesore to see drunkards disturbing the peace while youths selling alcohol, especially in city markets.
He said the two markets, Pop Oval known as Animal Market and Queen Elizabeth Park also known as Central, were targets.
He said the authority had made arrangements with police and defence force personnel to clean up the mess.
“We will not accept disrespectful people to come here to do all sorts of things,” he said.
“Changes must take place, this is your place, your city and you need to ask yourself what must I do to promote change.
“Mt Hagen is the centre for the Highlands and we have people coming from all over the region, including those from coastal areas.
“Once when the programme is working, anyone trying to interfere with the authority’s rules will be facing the law.”