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BUS service in Port Moresby resumes tomorrow but fares will be increased to K1.50 because operators have to strictly comply with social distancing for passengers, says Prime Minister James Marape.
Marape said with the number of Covid-19 cases increasing, the people must adjust to living with the Covid-19 by using the new normal. “Wearing of masks is still mandatory,” he said. “Buses must implement the new normal.
“Operators and passengers must all wear masks, have sanitisers and implement a 1.5m social distancing.
“Bus fares will be increased to K1.50 to make up for losses and to help operators provide hand sanitisers for passengers.”
He said police officers and soldiers would be stationed at bus stops to ensure that safety measures were followed.
Marape said public markets should also implement the new normal.
“Vendors and customers must maintain physical distancing and wear face masks with no loitering allowed,” he said.
On the isolation centres in Port Moresby, Marape told The National that the Rita Flynn center was coping, with the number of patients admitted and discharged being “manageable at this time”.
“As of today (yesterday), we have discharged 73 patients,” he said.
“These are patients who have been isolated since July 17 when we started seeing the surge in numbers.
“We currently have 40 patients.
Two are moderate and 38 are mild cases.”
He said the Taurama Aquatic Centre could also be used as an isolation centre if needed.
“We have seen clusters of infections at the Health Department, National Control Centre, Morata, Port Moresby General Hospital, Ensisi, Gerehu, Hohola, Two- Mile, Three-Mile, East Boroko, Tokarara and Wanigela-Koki,” he said.
“But, this does not mean the other suburbs are coronavirus-free. It simply means there needs to be more testing done to identify cases in the communities.”


  • Well done MArape,

    That is the way, Let the city resume normal, but allow the protocols to follow and many people roaming around doing nothing stay home..

    Shops and movement of people for work and essential services must maintain new normal protocols,
    Places like night clubs be on hold , churches to exercise social distancing.

    Well done, MP.

  • Well done!
    Just to inform you, please follow the protocols if we have another uninvited foreigners and never depend them but walk the national talk

  • Well done PMJM.
    We need the country to move forward.
    Good to hear schools resume classes.
    To all citizens, let’s follow safety measures.

  • Well done PMJM
    I’m pleased with your decision for all schools resume classes, because education is the back bone of this nation.
    To all citizens, let’s follow safety measures.

  • PNG Government should impose nationwide shutdown because our Citizens have not taken into account the preventative measures seriously. Majority are not wearing mask, keeping social distancing etc. Also Government must not focus more on Economy and endanger peoples lives by uplifting certain restrictions ..Our Economy will pick up naturally when peoples health and well being are taken care of by our Government

  • RTA and NCD for me to get to Gerehu stage 6 from HOHOLA No1 I will be paying K4.50 one way. Based on the current bus route that seem normal now. First route – HOHOLA to Waigani. Second route – Waigani to Gerehu Main Stop at Stage2 and final route – Gerehu main bus stop to Gerehu stage 6. My question, is this justified fares paid by citizens of this country during these hard times in the capital city.?

    • H Kora, it’s just K1.50 more than what you normally pay. Quit your whining. These are unprecedented times. Just take it on the chin like everyone else.

  • Good on you PMJM.
    Take care of your country and the people. Papua New Guineans are your blood. You stay within their midst until you confirm from reliable sources that COVID-19 is no more in existence in PNG.

    Foreigners will take advantage of this pandemic and try to convince you to bring them into the country and then you will have a problem on your hands to solve. Which has happened!
    And take note that not only this pandemic but some other areas of interest where the foreigners will try to sneak into PNG.

  • PM and Government of the day doing its ultimate best under prevailing circumstances with resources at their disposal. Well done.

    Hope the Soldiers and Police will be out in full swing as people need to adhere to the new normal. Papua New Guineans have attitude problems so this type of Marshall law is good for deterrence.

  • Since we are a christian nation, we must have faith in God alone the source, but not to let a loophole by giving a little bit of doubt. We still fails in keeping our faith, but as long as majority calls in His name for healing and protection, we shall save as a whole nation.

    #Let all glory and praise be to God Almighty.

  • Good JMPM. at least people who have been looked down that lead them to stuff are set free to look for their own daily substance.

  • We understand COVID-19 is a deadly Virus, so far the Virus did not kill one of us yet whilst other diseases like TB, Malaria, Nimonia and even hunger have killed more then a hundred during this year’s lock down periods. Also it greatly affects the national economy which will possibly lead to more devastating financial crisis. So we need to look at other likely areas to be impacted when deciding on lock-downs.


  • H. Kora, I think the K4.50 is affordable compared to Taxi Service fare. If you still cannot afford then you better look at other alternatives such as walk by foot etc. otherwise, K4.50 is still ok rather than K20 – K30 via taxi service. Remember, you need to mutate to survive in the 21st century coz the world is changing. lets flow with time and move forward.

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