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Port Moresby Nature Park life sciences manager Ishimu Bebe is encouraging parents to take their children to participate in the park’s Kids for Conservation programme.
Bebe told The National that the programme was designed specifically for the holidays.
“They get to know different types of plants and animals and their importance,” Bebe said.
“Some things that are not covered during the normal school excursion are covered here during their holidays; so basically, we are giving them additional information.”
The programme has activities for two age groups: Group A: 6-9 years. And group B: 10-16 years.
Bebe said the underlining idea was that they wanted to bring kids out to the park and get them to know plants and animals.
Kids learn in different ways, he said.
“One way is by participating in such activities,” Bebe said.
“So far 300 to 500 kids are participating in the programme which will end tomorrow.
“The fee is K25. We give the kids a certificate and include snacks and lunch.”

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