City drivers stand by fares’ increase

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

THE Public Motor Vehicles Association will stand by operators increasing bus fares to K1 in NCD despite warnings from the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission and police. 
Association president Peterson Doa said they had no choice because of the rise in fuel and other operating costs. 
“I call on the national government, ICCC and Department of Transport to subsidise the fuel cost so that PMV operators are able to buy fuel at an affordable price and keep fares at the fixed price,” he said.
“If the relevant authorities keep passing the buck to operators, then the public will have no choice but to pay an extra 20t.”  
He said the ICCC should teach commuters to act responsibly. 
He said the vehicle registration fee had increased, with drivers paying K1,596 instead of K1,096 they paid previously.
“It is important that the public cooperate and be educated on the issue.
“My operators cannot wait. They have a business to run and vehicles to service and maintain.”
Doa assured people all PMVs would complete their designated routes if the passengers paid what was asked for.