City hotline to be revived

Normal, Papua

THE National Capital District police emergency hotline 000 has been defunct for some time now.
NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Joseph Tondop last week admitted that the 24-hour police emergency hotline was not responsive and he intended to get it operational again as soon as he gets organised. 
Tondop, who was provincial police commander for Chimbu for the last three years, and was recently appointed as NCD police chief, said Port Moresby city had developed rapidly, with increasing population and infrastructures, and enforcing law and order in the city was a challenging task which he hoped city police would effectively to take on .
He said the emergency hotline was the lifeline of the community and he would see to it that it was operational to enhance rapid response by the police.
Tondop said city planning authorities and developers needed to consider expanding the city to the outskirts in advance as the impact of the LNG project was bringing in more people into the capital, resulting in traffic congestions and overcrowding.
“Currently, I am organising things that my predecessor left, and I am making the necessary adjustments to our operations, and am looking forward to cooperation and support from the community to make NCD a peaceful, safer place to stay,” he said.