City lacks proper planning


THE National Capital District Commission in July put out advertisements about concerns regarding growth of new settlements and developments along mains roads.
So what did they do after that advertisement?
They just sat in their office and waited for a miracle to happen.
What a mess it is already in Port Moresby with what authorities deem as illegal developments already happening.
Those tasked to keep a tab on the construction of buildings should be kept up-to-date with what is happening in the city.
Take a drive around and you will see shelters springing up on state land and you will know those are not approved.
With such unplanned development comes increased overcrowding.
The chances of sharing goods and services within our urban and rural areas of our country grows slimmer.
Port Moresby ends up getting all the attention because of overpopulation.
It appears there is no planning these days when it comes to establishing or extending new urban development.
It is already chaotic.

Annoyed city resident

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