City manager urges MPs, people to look after building


CITY manager Bernard Kipit has urged National Capital District MPs occupying the redeveloped City Hall Annex to maintain the building’s quality.
In the building’s opening yesterday, Kipit said it would house the NCD governor’s office, three NCD MPs’ offices and the Motu Koitabu Assembly (MKA).
“Please keep your supporters, clients and those who just want to have a look at the place away from the building so we have control over the type of people that come to the building,” he said.
“We will be looking into building separate district offices in your respective electorates and reserve this building for the NCD governor.”
Kipit said the redevelopment of the City Hall Annex cost more than K40 million and it took two-and-a-half years to complete.
“I want to extend a special thank you to BSP for loaning NCDC K40 million for the total construction of the building, with NCDC contributing an additional K2 million for project management and design,” he said.
“The first floor of the building has been occupied by MKA, having obtained 65 per cent of the total work space on this floor.
The other 30 per cent has been occupied by the Urban Youth Development project while the remaining 5 per cent on this floor is for IT and property management to occupy.
“The second floor is for MKA services division as well as the office for member for Moresby North-West.
“The third floor is occupied by member for Moresby South and Moresby North East. The fourth floor is for NCD governor.
“The ground floor is occupied by an art gallery that would showcase and display the history of the commission since its inception.”