City Mission’s heart campaign receives K5,000

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The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BANK South Pacific (BSP) has passed the City Mission Heart to Kina Finance as part of a corporate sponsorship drive by City Mission to raise funds for its various charitable activities. 
Last Friday, BSP received the heart from Monier Ltd as part of the campaign and pledged K5, 000 annually to City Mission.
The City Mission Pass the heart is a corporate sponsorship drive where the recipient of the heart makes a donation to City Mission and then passes it on. The commitment by the recipient remains an annual one.
When passing the heart, BSP public relation and communication manager Rosemary Mawe said BSP, as the bank with the heart, was proud to have “kept the heart” and this gesture would help make a meaningful and lasting change in communities.
“We are proud to have received the heart and now passing it on, as the funds raised from this worthy initiative will assist City Mission carry on its wonderful work in the community,” Mawe said.
Kina Finance general manager Michael Van Dorssen said Kina Finance was equally proud to receive the heart and support the cause. 
City Mission general manager Pr John Reesink and Pass the heart coordinator Dorothy Koch witnessed the hand-over and thanked BSP for keeping the heart and passing it onto Kina Finance.
“Everyone should have one corporate mate that they can pass the heart on to.
“We are so thankful that because of organisations like yours, we are able to continue our operations in PNG, and we appreciate all the assistance and support thus far,” Reesink said.
This fundraising drive gives an opportunity for corporate firms to make a difference in the community.
Moresby South MP Dame Carol Kidu launched this fundraising last February by passing the first heart to City Mission’s patron, the late Sir Brian Bell, who in turn passed it on, and since then it has been passed on from various companies.
For more information on the City Mission Pass the heart fundraising drive, contact City Mission on telephone 320 0606.