City outskirts grow ‘overnight’


Opposite the big roundabout at 8-Mile in Port Moresby, leading into Glory Garden Estate, a major new commercial development is taking place.
New shops, a restaurant and commercial space will soon appear in this space.
Across the road, the new RH service station is a hive of activity, with vehicles lining up for fuel and people using the convenience shop.
In fact the entire stretch of Hubert Murray Highway, from 7-Mile to 9-Mile and beyond, is a hive of activity.
Six years ago in Jan 2013?when I moved into The National units at Glory Garden Estate with my kids, there was very little in this neck of the woods.
We were among the first, and watched this place mushroom before our eyes.
The highway was a nightmare when under construction.
It took me three hours or more to get to office in the morning and return home at night.
So much has changed.
Glory Garden Estate has blossomed into a thriving model multi-racial community.
You appreciate it more when you take to the skies?as I did with my DJI Inspire 1, to take amazing videos and still pictures.
Neighbouring Malolo Estate grows by the day.
SkyView Estate is a new kid on the block attracting new tenants.
So much development is taking place along the highway and beyond, all the way to Sogeri.
At weekends I like to take my kids up to Adventure Park at 14-Mile, sometimes even beyond to the mountains of Sogeri, for a breath of fresh air.
Across the road at 8-Mile, towards Morata, is the controversial Durand Farm.
Five years ago, with much fanfare, the Government through its National Housing Corporation, promised that Durand Farm would be the panacea to Port Moresby’s housing woes.
Much ado about nothing.
Development money running into millions and land, meant for public service housing, was stolen.
We wait with bated breath to see what happens next.
Outside of Durand Farm, everything seems to be happening, so fast.
Perhaps the Government should let private sector run this place.
I wonder what the next six years will bring.

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