City Pharmacy empowers women workers

Youth & Careers
The National,Wednesday June 22nd, 2016

When plotting the company’s strategic plans, City Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) Group chief executive officer Ravi Singh emphasised the inclusion of a solid focus on the empowerment of their women employees.
During last year’s International Women’s Day, CPL Group launched the “women in leadership” programme in Port Moresby.
The programme was to develop aspiring female employees to learn leadership.
More than 50 women managers and supervisors had undergone the training programme and have completed modules 1-3.
Due to the success of the programme, CPL has added four more modules to enhance the leadership skills of their women.
Recently, around 15 of the group’s women managers and supervisors completed the modules. Graduation was attended by Singh, their executive management and trainers.
“Empowerment programmes that invest in female employees pay off in multiple ways,” Singh said.
“Not only do they build the capacity of the organisation by equipping women employees with knowledge, tools and confidence, they need to succeed in the workplace.
“These programmes give women the skills to take on leadership roles at home and in their communities.
“Enabling the success of women employees will be crucial to company’s future and expansion plans.”
Singh said women-empowered programme is now the cornerstone of CPL’s plans.
He said that those who had undergone the programme showed extraordinary results.
One of their women managers, Margaret Sulia, said: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to be included in this programme. I honestly think it is an important platform to accelerate gender parity at the workplace.”