City Pharmacy opens new clothing shop at Rainbow supermarket


CITY Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) has opened a new Jack’s of PNG shop inside the Stop & Shop supermarket in Rainbow, Port Moresby.
CPL chief executive officer Navin Raju said this was the sixth Jack’s shop in the country since the venture first stated in 2015.
Jack’s retail operations manager Ashish Kumar said the company had invested K400,000 in the shop.
Raju said the new shop was an exceptional addition to the SNS complex at Rainbow.
“It will provide more retail opportunity, brand and opportunity for fashion and sporting gear, and also more employment for the local community,” he said
“This is a momentous occasion for Jack’s of PNG – they have become an household brand, and we are proud that the people are actually buying our brands and wearing our clothes, and we provide you quality clothes at affordable prices, so if you can see our new range of products.
“We are running some great promotions at the same time, so if you are buying anything at Stop & Shop, you get a 10 per cent discount on any purchases, as long as there is a receipt of over K50, you will be getting 10 per cent, this is what we call a cross integration of our brands.
“Rainbow Stop & Shop is starting to become a multi-branded shop across the integration of our own brands.
“And also we got a post office here, pharmacy, ATMs and now clothing.
“There is a great range of clothing here that meets our customers’ requirements and I would like to request all the residents of this area to visit our shop and support and look at a new range of products and clothing.”