City Pharmacy to build K45mil replacement for burnt warehouse


CITY Pharmacy Ltd (CPL) will start to rebuild its Gerehu warehouse, in Port Moresby, next month at a cost of K45 million, says managing director Mahesh Patel.
CPL’s Gerehu Stage 6 warehouse went up in flames in June 2017.
It cost the company K70 million.
“Hopefully, we should be able to finalise all the costings and design in the coming weeks and fingers crossed, we want to start building in April,” Patel said. “We shortlisted two builders. We are just finalising who the contracts will go to.
“We are at an advantaged stage: the designed is all finished, it is a matter of now getting the building quotes. It will be done in two phases. Phase one will be a very large dry goods, air-condition, pharmaceutical and grocery.
“The second phase will be our freezer and bakery and our central kitchen and head office.”