City police in district for festive season op

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 PORT Moresby’s Police Mobile Squad 28 will be operating in Yangoru-Saussia district, East Sepik, during the Christmas and New Year period, MP Richard Maru says.

Maru, Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, revealed this at Kumbuhun Primary School last Monday, saying the two-month operation would be launched Nov 5.

He said the mobile squad would ensure peaceful Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“Many of you are always acting smart, standing on the roadside stopping vehicles and staging roadblocks on vehicles coming down from Maprik, Wosera, Paguwi, Dreikikier as well as Nuku and Lumu, in West Sepik,” he said.

He many travellers had been victims of such attacks.

“Youths involving in the home-brew is a major problem in the district,” he said. “Police will come down hard on you if they find you.”

He said the district was not moving forward because some people had no respect for government facilities.

He called on ward councillors and local level government presidents to collect the names of people involved in illegal activities and give the lists to the mobile squad.