City Rangers on recruitment drive

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MASTA Mak City Rangers are set to go on a recruitment drive to secure some potential players to strengthen their backline for their campaign in this year’s bemobile Cup challenge.
The event is expected to start in April.
City Rangers franchise owner Kelly Aiyok said he would be releasing a few players who are members of the team to give way for new recruits.
A major reshuffle is expected to take place in the backline for the Rangers this season.
Aiyok said the backline had lacked creativity, resulting in the Rangers not making into the grand final after starting last season on a high.
As the franchise owner and the financier, he has approached a couple of players from other franchise clubs to beef up their campaign this season.
Aiyok said initial talks look promising after making contact with these players.
“Only time will tell when these new crop of players from other franchises will link up with the Rangers,” he said.
But primarily, Aiyok said he was looking at setting up a good foundation for the franchise which will set a bench mark for other players to have sense of responsibility for the club.
He is currently eyeing to better establish the club and make necessary changes to player recruitment.
A new-look backline is expected to run onto the paddock this year for the Rangers if negotiations go well with some of these players.
The bulk of the players currently with the Rangers are forwards Simon Young, Francis Ray, Nixon Kolo, Johnson Kuike and Leonard Otmar, who are likely to retain their positions this season.