City rangers out of hand


NCDC City Rangers are deployed only to make sure the city is clean.
That means that any rubbish, including buai, will be placed in the bins provided around the city.
If the rubbish is not managed or carelessly thrown everywhere, then they are not doing their jobs.
However, the city rangers are charging people with rubbish in their hands or containers such as for betel nut sterns.
When people, especially women, try to defend themselves by explaining, they are overwhelmed and threatened with higher charges.
Women within the city are becoming helpless.
One of the workers of TST, Boroko, was assaulted in the vicinity of TST for chewing betel nut.
“I was assaulted for not paying K100. How can I afford that much for doing nothing wrong?”
It’s hard to understand the type of people being hired by NCDC, these people have no skills and are out and about in the city for their own advantage – to make money for themselves.
Instead of cleaning, and changing behaviours they are frightening the citizens.
Come on, Parkop.
Hire some people who can use their commonsense and not terrorise the citizens.

Conerned citizen
Port Moresby

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