City shop faces fine


THE owner of Erima Freezers, operating in Port Moresby, is facing a fine of K200,000 after the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) discovered that his company was not registered to do business, Gordon Police Station minor crimes officer in-charge Insp Robert Wane says.
The business was raided by police last week and rotten lamb flaps, sausages and chicken were found in three 40-foot freezer containers in the company’s premises at Erima, Port Moresby.
“If the owner does not pay the fine within 14 days, he will face five years in jail,” Insp Wane said.
“On the other hand, the National Capital District Commission health authority (NCDCHA) only warned that the owner not sell rotten meat again to the public.”
Insp Wane said the owner, Changen Wang, did not breach any Criminal Code Act so the person could not be charged.
“So we referred him to Labour, Immigration, Customs, IPA and NCDCHA to charge him under their respective Acts,” he said.
“Labour, Immigration, Customs have respectively cleared him while IPA found that Erima Freezers is unregistered and the owner faces a fine of K200,000 or five years’ imprisonment. NCDCHA said that the foreign businessman had cooperated and vowed that he would not do it again and sell quality meat as required under the Food Sanitation Regulation 2007.”
Insp Wane said the raid was carried out after complaints were received that it was selling rotten lamb flaps, chicken and sausages.
Meanwhile, IPA deputy registrar Malis Miningi has written to Wang advising him that he had breached the IPA Act 1992 and the Companies Act 1997.
The penalty for breaching the Acts is a fine of K200,000 or five years’ imprisonment.


  • Shame on the owner. Come on penalise him and close the store. Why allow ignorant person like him get away and still keep his business open. Where is the authority of the day, the IPA. Come one lets have a restrictions on business like them, already making big money and only surfaced up that it is not registered. How can we take PNG Back when the authorities are being stagnant like this.

  • Simply close the shop or kill that Chang ching Kongkong. He had indirectly spread an infection/ disease into the public.. This is a crime and its criminal offence. Common police, that’s ignorance and slap on the face.

  • Come on…..such a person needs to be deported back to where he cane from. Selling rotten meat to the citizens of this country means he does not care about the lives of the people. He only wants to make profit. And he has no respect for the laws of the country. They should check all his papers and documents, how he arrived in the country, he he is able to own a place and operate from there without any registration. How was he able to set up a back account without proper documentation of his business. This makes me so angry. But the action of the police is and authorities is even worse. If you show too much mercy and leniency towards such crooked Chinese people they will say thank you and continue to pee on our laws and our people. Just send him back to China. Tough measures will scare these bunch of Asians to respect our people,our country and our laws.

  • This is a slap on the face for local and small businesses who are complying with IPA or even IRC regulations and for some foreign culprits like this one, he should be charged and deport him asap…. Oh no hang on, make him pay for his charges first before deport him back to where he belongs.

  • If it was a local PNG operating that shop. He will now be at a police cell or locked up Bomana. Perhaps that Chinaman simly paid off the Police Officers. p

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