City traffic congested on road

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

TRAFFIC and businesses along Independence Drive in East Taraka, Lae came to a standstill yesterday morning following an altercation between students from the University of Technology (Unitech) and police.
Hundreds of students gathered at the Taraka Campus at about 9am and protested after receiving news of alleged shootings of fellow students from the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby.
More than 30 armed policemen in marked and unmarked vehicles moved to the scene and prevented the students from leaving campus.
That seemed to have angered the students who hurled stones at police, the media and motorists along Independence Drive.
The stone-throwing incident, swearing and shouts were directed at police and the media outside.
It culminated in the students  burning a Water PNG vehicle that was trapped inside the campus.
The road leading to Bumayong was shut and drivers and the public were advised to use other roads to as constant throwing of stones by students damaged a few vehicles earlier.
Student leaders were heard shouting over the loud hailer, trying desperately to calm down students.
Universitys vice-chancellor Dr Albert Schram  came out of his office and calmed down the students .