City women spread the Word to rural Madang

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The National, Thursday 6th June 2013

 A GROUP of women from Port Moresby travelled to Madang to spread the gospel in areas where the story of Jesus Christ has never been told.

They are from the George Brown Memorial church.

Their trip to Madang was planned by the United church  Urban Region Women’s Fellowship and the Pendamon women fellowship in Madang, a settlement with the majority of the people from Gulf.

The team was led by Marama Kapi Peni. They left behind their husbands and children to undertake the mission.

The team went with dentist Dr Kessia Beaga, a lecturer at the School of Medical Science, nurse Christine Teno and other talented people. 

The women went with the theme: “Go beyond borders adding value to others”.

“We wouldn’t believe and experience God’s power until we take the step of faith going beyond borders to reach a dying soul for Christ,” one of them said.

This was true for these mothers as they shared their testimonies in tears of how God carried them through their mission at the church on Sunday after a week in Madang.

It moved them when they reached an isolated and remote village in Raicoast where locals were not familiar with store food.

God selected five women to take a three-hour dingy ride and two-hour walk to Bosomia village while the rest stayed back in Pendamon. 

They said it was emotional for the locals as they shook hands with the five women who travelled in the open sea to reach them.