Civil society needs to establish centre to give ‘solid voice’

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Papua New Guinea needs a centre for civil society to be established as recommended in Vision 2050, former Moresby-South MP Dame Carol Kidu, pictured, says.
Speaking at the high-level open government partnership conference yesterday, she said civil society in PNG was not united so the centre must be established to give a solid voice.
“In Vision 2050, there is a recommendation to set up a centre for civil society,” Dame Carol said.
“I still would like to see that recommendation implemented.
“Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council is an excellent mechanism to have a dialogue between government and civil society, but people have sometimes tried to get rid of it.
“I would like to see this open government partnership development.
“When we talk about the open government partnership and equitable development, we must think of the plight of the indigenous urban landowners throughout this nation.”

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