Civilian workers’ jobs safe

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IT will take 12 months to integrate the 350 civil servants working in the police department to be members of the constabulary.
Police Minister William Onglo and Police Commissioner David Manning met with the 350 employees yesterday whose concerns were raised by the Police Association after the police department was abolished.
Comm Manning said they were working with the Department of Personnel Management and the Prime Minister’s Department to ensure that the decision was well understood.
He said a transitional plan was being drafted.
“The transitional plan may take over 12 months, (so) that everything is done properly both administratively and legally,” Manning said.
He assured the 350 public servants that the transition would benefit everyone.
“All indications are that you will be absorbed into the police structure, under Section 36 of the Police Force Act.
“Effectively you become unsworn members of the Police Force,” he said.
Police Association president Lowa Tambua thanked the police for assuring the civilian staff that their jobs were safe.
Onglo told the staff that the neither the police nor the Government had forgotten about them.