Claims of bias in police posts rejected outright

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The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011


ACTING Police Commissioner Anthony Wagambie has denied any anomaly and flaws in the recent promotion process of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Wagambie was responding to allegations of flaws and suspicious acts of nepotism and favouritism by disgruntled members of the police force who had been overlooked. 

He said promotions were done on merit and loyalty and nobody gets promotions for nothing if they can not perform and also that not everyone can be promoted as there are limited positions.

Wagambie said that only those highly recommended were considered for promotions which is done yearly and urged those who missed out to work hard. 

Early this week, members of the Royal PNG Constabulary  demanded the acting police commissioner use his powers under the Police Force Act to rescind and recall the current promotions of commissioned and non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

Low ranking officers and the NCOs said the recent promotion of both the commissioned and the non-commissioned officers of the RPNGC, sanctioned by Wagambie and gazetted on Jan 2, is surrounded with flaws and suspicious with elements of nepotism and favouritism.

The disappointed officers said certain commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers that had pending criminal investigations against them or who have been out of the force for five consecutive years were recalled and/or promoted.

They stated that the appointment process used has left the force wide open for abuse and distrust leading to the creation of division among the ranks and files.

They claimed that those officers who had been performing their duties diligently, have passed the required examination and those that did not have disciplinary records were overlooked.

They claimed the current promotions as a pay-back and a slap in the face of those aligned to the former police commissioner and they have vowed to destabilise the force in whatever avenue possible.

They said claimed the promotion was a complete mockery of the whole promotion system 

and those identifies to sit for the promotion board must not deviate from their core functions to serve the interest of any one person.

Meanwhile, NCD metropolitan Supt Joseph Tondop said the police force was a disciplined organisation and any protest was not acceptable and all normal police operations would continue.

He said promotions were a normal process and not everyone can be promoted at once.