Claims on Opposition MPs joining govt refuted

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DEPUTY Opposition leader Timothy Masiu says the Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) were at the Government House on Tuesday to support their colleague, Ian Ling-Stucky, who was sworn in as Treasurer.
Masiu refuted claims that the Opposition MPs were all joining the Government.
He said five Opposition MPs had joined the Government comprising four from the National Alliance (NA) but “this did not mean all will join the Government”.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa from People Movement for Change party was the fifth Opposition MP who joined the Government.
“I was also in the Government House on behalf of the leaders, so I don’t’ know why people are talking about us joining the Government.
“As you saw this afternoon, we were physically present with the Opposition in Parliament. We haven’t changed our move, unless something happens officially we will move.
“We are part of the Opposition. I haven’t moved and neither have the North Bougainville MP William Nakin and Moresby Northwest MP Sir Mekere Morauta.
“Our position is clear. The Government House is neutral ground and they know their stand when they went there yesterday.
“We went there to see one of our Opposition members sworn in as minister. We were very happy that he was appointed a minister, so we went to support him.
“We released Ling-Stuckey after very strong considerations. We also went to give our moral support for the Government,” he added.
Masiu told Prime Minister James Marape that the Opposition would work with the Government to ensure the country progresses.
“The NA is intact. The four MPs who have joined the Government include Kavieng MP Ling-Stuckey, Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt, East Sepik Governor Alan Bird and North Fly MP James Donald,” he said.
When asked why they had arrived late at 3.30pm for the Parliament session yesterday, Masiu said: “We were in a caucus meeting. We are trying to organise ourselves and adjust.”

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