Clan hires firm for study

National, Normal

The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

A LANDOWNER company in Angore has hired consultants to find out the needs of the people before developments take place there.
The scoping studies are being carried out by a consultancy in the PDL 8 area of the liquefied natural gas project in Hela.
PNG Project Partnership Developers Ltd has been contracted by the landowner company Jokora Tawabi Development Ltd to carry out feasibility studies in the Jokora Tawabi block 1716 area.
Unlike other landowner companies, Jokora Tawabi Development Ltd has taken this initiative in order for the landowners to benefit from constructive developments and not just cash handouts.
The feasibility studies will identify the needs of the people, and collect essential data that will pave way for infrastructural developments such as roads, bridges, health facilities, education services and housing schemes, among others, to take place in the area.
A memorandum of understanding between the two companies was signed two weeks ago at the Kumin Guest House in Mendi.
The agreement was recognised as one of the first of its kind to be undertaken by landowning companies in the LNG project areas in which scoping studies would be carried out to allow for basic services to benefit more than 17,000 people from four council wards in the project impact areas in Jokora Tawabi Block 1716, Hulia LLG, Komo-Margarima.