Clan hosts church event for unity


THE Konerigo clan in Hula, Rigo, Central, has hosted a successful event starting from the first week of December and ending on New Year’s Day.
Konerigo chairman Gima Noah said the purpose of the event was to bring youths together to take part in church activities.
“We hosted this event so that the village will be alive and for people to enjoy (the festive season),” he said.
“We also wanted to bring the youths to work for the church and win lost souls back.
“The event was successful but we faced so many challenges, for example drunkards making a lot of unnecessary noises such as shouting, swearing, but we thank God for ending 2019 with a successful celebration.”
The activities included greasy pole, debate, string band performance, creative dances, action songs, choir singing, Bible quizzes, memory verse reading, swimming races, drama, bike racing and marching.
Noah said the end-of-year events were hosted by different clans with the Konerigo clan hosting the 2019-2020 edition.
“There are four clans operating in the Hula United church, Konerigo, Siligo, Kwamonuma and Poerupu,” he said.
“The local church gave us (Konerigo) the right to host this event and it will continue next year as another clan takes over.”

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