Clan members use Easter to turn a new leaf

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MEMBERS of a clan involved in tribal fighting used Easter as the time to be rid of their bad habits, handing over to church leaders a rifle and homebrew-making equipment.
Kamagupa clan members belong to the Ramui tribe in the Mul-Baiyer electorate in Western Highlands and were part of church activities over the long weekend at Yamaipa village organised by the Lutheran Church. Church leaders urged the people to change and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.
Clan leader Jayson Yapo said they wanted to change their lives at Easter because they had for too long been living in the past, thus missing out on opportunities to improve their lives. He said the power of God’s word convinced them to hand over the gun and gas cylinders used in the production of homebrew.
“We declare that the Kamapuga clan will no longer take part in any tribal fight or any of the law and order issue,” he said.
“We want live a changed life to help our children.”
Pastor Moses Kurion of the Melpa Lutheran Church thanked the clan members.
“I’m appealing to other tribes and clans in Baiyer to follow the footsteps of the Kamapuga clan and surrender (to God),” Kurion said.
He said guns, homebrew and marijuana were bad.

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