Clans agree to stop fighting


WARRING clans from a village in Enga that fought for two months have finally agreed to stop, provincial police commander Chief Insp Epenes Nili says.
He told The National yesterday that Timal clan and Sikiwan clan of Leingi village in Wabag district had been fighting for two months, saw the loss of lives and properties worth thousands of kina.
“Modern houses with values quite substantial were all burnt,”he said.
“The fight lasted about two months but stopped yesterday.
“Currently, there is no fight, we are waiting for the due that is Aug 18 for them to sign the memorandum of agreement for cease-fire and pay compensation for those that have lost their lives in the battle.
“Both of the clans are from Leingi village.
“They call themselves the Timal and the Sikinwan.
“I’m relieved that this fight has stopped.
“We are now giving instructions to the so-called hired men from other parts of Wabag who came in as allied forces to assist the fighters to return to their villages.
“That is what we are doing and the police are continuing to patrol the highway day and night.
“We’ve got a couple of businesses in Leingi and some of the high covenant houses along the highway we are protecting.”