Clans vow to live in peace

The National,Thursday June 30th, 2016

WARRING clans in the Sirunki valley in Enga have vowed before Governor Sir Peter Ipatas to lay down their weapons and start gardening.
The Wai and Miok clans of Magole tribe, which had fought each other resulting in loss of lives, properties and disruptions to government services told Sir Peter last Tuesday that they were ending their differences.
They promised to end fighting to concentrate on gardening and embrace the multi-million kina Enga Agro Industrial Centre launched by Israeli company Innovative Agro Industry and the Enga provincial government.
A spokesman said the agro industry project would restore peace between the two clans and other warring tribes.
Sir Peter gave tribesmen 50 cartons of soft drinks to share and reconcile with each other, urging them to drop their guns and take up spades.
Sir Peter asked them to change their attitude and embrace the changes that his polices on education, agriculture and health were bringing.
He said when he was first elected governor in 1997, he had a vision to change Enga.
“We were way behind the rest of the country and I had that vision that we had to catch up,” Sir Peter said.
“My first policy was education, we have modelled it and today you have become men.
“The son or daughter of a villager is now competing at the same playing field with those that come from well-off families and expatriates.
“We are still behind and need to catch up, that’s why we are trying to develop this life changing agriculture project that will directly inject millions into your pockets.
“We will also build a K500 million hospital in Wabag soon. No province has built a hospital with such money.”
He said Enga could not move forward if people did not change their attitude and continued fighting.
Sir Peter acknowledged God for the wisdom he gained to change Enga. He said the partnership with Israeli was a Godly intervention.