Clarify laws on tribunal referrals, says Basil

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BULOLO MP Sam Basil yesterday called on the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Dr Allan Marat to clarify the application of laws regarding the referral of Members of Parliament (MP) to leadership tribunals.
He made references to referrals of certain MPs in recent times and said: “As there are some cases pending with successful orders while the recent cases are denied orders to the Ombudsman Commission and tribunals.
“Are we having three separate laws here? One for the ordinary people, one for the MPs and one for the very few and powerful MPs?”
Mr Basil accused the Government of not doing much in the last two years in this regard.
“The Somare-Temu Government has not done much in the last two years in reducing corruption.
“We recently saw more accusations against the Planning Minister.
“Corruption continues at an alarming rate and involves the very people who are supposed to protect this nation’s wealth,” he said.
Mr Basil also stated in his press statement released in a press conference yesterday that: “I believe the position of PNG on the corruption scale will further decline while MDG, MTDS and Vision 2050 cannot produce positive results …”
He said: “The Somare-Temu Government has been in power for far too long now and there are no new incentives to deliver the much needed services down to the grassroots.
“LNG projects agenda dominates the ministers’ speeches but the simple Papua New Guineans are still waiting for services to be delivered to them.”
He said he was speaking as an individual and not as a MP from the Opposition.