Clash follows murders, houses razed

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AN ethnic clash between two Sepik settlements in Madang continued yesterday following the torching of more houses and destructions.
Biliau Maus Rot and Wagol Sepik settlements were being watched by police, with more policemen being stationed around the airport roundabout and part of the North Coast Road to prevent more fights.
The torching of houses and fights occurred after  two security guards, a male and a female, were murdered.
The male was a resident of Biliau Maus Rot settlement that sought revenge against the suspects from Angoram living near 26 Block roundabout.
Vehicles travelling into North Coast on Monday could not pass through the two settlements located on each side of the road and facing each other.
They passed through when police took control on the road.
In the exchange of sticks and stones during Monday’s fight, a side screen of a police vehicle was accidently stoned and police fired shots in the  Biliau Maus Rot settlement and threatened the settlers.
They demanded the settlers contribute K1,000 to purchase a new screen before anyone emerged on the road sides with weapons.
Madang town Mayor Joe Yama and four ward councillors, who were at the settlement to help calm the situation, were allegedly sworn at by one of those policemen.
“We are mandated leaders and it is not right and proper to be sworn like that in front of our people,” Yama said.
Police said two suspects in the murders were captured.
Police continue to fire guns shots yesterday to disperse crowds from both sides when the settlers wanted to regroup and fight.