Clash of titans in media pool comp

Normal, Sports

THE Media pool competition enters the end of round one this weekend with a huge clash between Pool B’s titans, the Paul Paraka Lawyers Spin Doctors and the National Gaming Control Board’s Niusmakers.
Definitely the clash between the big guns should bring out a combination of both rhetorical arsenal of mentally defeating war cries and sharpened cues to battle it out on a 4×8 feet arena.
With the match lined up for tomorrow at Lamana’s Arena, the Spin Doctors captain Kepson Pundu will have to ensure a vicious line up that would make any team feel the pins and not scorn. 
Spin Doctors have maintained a consistent team which has seen them drop only one match by a frame.
With the evergreen Tom English opening for the Spinners, cool heads in skipper Pundu, Mathew Minape, Patrick Levo, Agibe Kenge, Enoch Waburi, Dominic Krau and competition chairman Colin Taimbari should be enough to repel any surprises from Niusmakers.  
However, the Niusmakers will surely come out with guns blazing to control to their liking, and increase of their chances to move from second to first and should not be underrated with their skipper David Wambi.