Class suspension at technical school affects cultural show

Lae News, Normal

LAE Technical College has suspended classes and will not be staging its annual cultural show.
This was the overwhelming decision of the council’s meeting last Monday after concerns were raised by students over the outbreak of cholera.
Deputy principal for administration Lawrence Perry said the students feared the outbreak of cholera could spread to the campus.
The classes were suspended until Oct 5.
“It is hoped that the cholera outbreak will be under control by the time the students resume classes,” SRC president Christopher Anton said.
When announcing the decision to suspend classes and cancel the show, the administration advised the students to change their habits by applying hygienic practices.
The administration advised the students to stay at home and not get themselves involved in risky public gatherings.
The decision to cancel the cultural show was also welcomed as the majority of the student body was concerned about the outside attraction that would be received if the show were to be staged.
They also welcomed the decision to suspend classes until next month.