Classes begin on Monday

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EDUCATION Minister Jimmy Uguro has called on teachers to pick up from where they left off when term two classes begin on Monday.
“Teachers will conduct additional lessons to make up for the three weeks schools had to forego last month because of the surge in the Covid-19,” he said.
Uguro warned teachers and students to follow the Covid-19 protocols.
All schools must have water taps where students can wash their hands regularly, he said.
He reminded parents and school administrations to work together in providing masks and hand sanitisers.
Uguro said the Health Department would provide personal protective equipment to some schools, but not all the time.
He said masks only cost between K1 and K5 and all teachers and students must wear face masks and practice social distancing.
Uguro thanked donors who assisted schools since the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.
He urged them to continue their support as students and schools needed their support.
Meanwhile, Police Commissioner and Covid-19 National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning on Monday confirmed that all primary and secondary schools should resume classes next week.
“The wearing of face masks must be strictly enforced in all schools,” he said.
“Hand sanitising or hand washing must also be maintained. Schools must also practice social distancing. Any student who is sick must be discouraged from attending school until they have been cleared by the health authorities.”