Classrooms a reminder of importance of education: Marat

Islands, Normal

The National,Wednesday March 23rd, 2016

 THE member for Rabaul, Dr Allan Marat says the establishment of classrooms in schools reminds people of the importance placed on education regardless of race, colour or creed. 

He was speaking during the recent opening of a double classroom at Sunnybird SDA Elementary School in Rabaul, East New Britain.

The classroom, a self-reliance project was built through sheer determination by the community at Sunnybird and their great need to provide education to children.

Marat said if wards around the country took the initiative to be self-reliant in constructing classrooms, the country would be well off in providing quality education to children.

“The official opening of this double classroom for the elementary school at Sunnybird reminds us of the importance we all place on education.”

“Each human being has a right to be educated and in providing a double classroom for our elementary school children, we are giving them a better environment with which they will receive tuition without disturbance from all sorts of distracting elements,” he said.

He said it was of paramount importance that all districts must cooperate and make quality education a priority. 

“National leaders in ENB must cooperate and always come to the rescue of schools that request us for financial assistance.” He thanked parents and the Sunnybird community for being self-reliant in the construction of a double classroom.

“If such infrastructure is not in place to facilitate education then you will have a group of uneducated people in a confused society, which would become burden to the state,” he said.

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