Clean your own yard first, Bart

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the deputy Opposition leader and Lae MP Bart Philemon.
He should be ashamed of himself for daring to talk about good governance, transparency and better service delivery when he failed dismally to look after his own backyard.
The roads in Lae city are riddled with potholes, many wards do not have electricity and water supply, contractors are frustrated as to when they will be paid, no support for women and youth programmes, and many feeder roads to these wards badly need upgrading and regravelling.
Lae city is not only very dirty and dusty but is not safe. The crime rate is one of the highest, if not the highest in PNG. 
Youths hang around the main bus stops to pick pockets.
Many of them have no choice but to resort to illegal activities to make ends meet as there are not many income-generating opportunities being created under Mr Philemon.
As the chairman of the Lae JDP&BPC, he has failed to make a fair distribution of tax payers’ money.
Funds go to a particular group of people and they get to enjoy all the basic facilities and services while the rest are left out.
The Lae JDP&BPC members are nothing but bunch of puppets and rubber stamps of Mr Philemon.
He talks a lot and is power hungry but his backyard is very dirty. 
He should hang his head, not his shoes. 
I call on Mr Philemon to put on his shoes and come back to Lae.
He is needed to address the issues that people face everyday back home. 
He won the 2007 general election in the cliff hanger contest and it shows that he is fast losing the confidence and trust of the people.
Come 2012, he could find himself on the sidelines if he continues to do what he is doing – nothing.
The people from the eight districts in Morobe and other provinces residing in Lae city have suffered long enough. 
We have been denied access to resources and services that are rightfully ours as tax payers. 
We will not let the poor service and unfair distribution to continue after 2012.
Enough is enough.


Abul Ralas