Cleaner hacked to death

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

A CLEANER at the Kerowagi Mobile Squad Eight police barracks in Chimbu’s Kerowagi district was hacked to death in a sorcery-related killing on Monday.
Chimbu police commander acting Supt John Kale said yesterday that an elderly man from Kondan village was accused of using sorcery to cause the death of a young man from his village on Saturday.
The young man was fishing along Koronigle River when he fell into the water and drowned.
Some villagers found his body on Monday and brought it back to the village where they accused the elderly man of causing the man’s death through sorcery.
Some villagers attacked the man and then turned on his son, a Grade 10 student at Kerowagi Secondary School but police arrived in time to save him.
The boy sustained some light injuries and was sent to the hospital for treatment.
Kale said the suspects were known to the police and advised them to give themselves up.
He also appealed to the people to stop believing in sorcery.