Cleaners not paid


I SYMPATHISE with the women cleaners at Gordon Market.
Something is not right that moved me to highlight this.
At this K300 million facility, about 100 plus women are engaged as cleaners. Some have given up in frustration due to non-payment for their services.
The Gordon market facility is the cleanest amongst the city markets, thanks to their services.
Are we not a Christian nation that uphold human fundamental values? Few people in command are not doing it right or is it another scam operating within the system?
One may feel sorry for them when asked to hear their grievances.
Their story relates to slavery.
I pass through Gordon daily to work and back and see this women cleaners every day.
They must have been engaged in November 2019 as I can recall.
They are very committed in keeping the market clean.
Though things are not right, they bury their frustrations and concentrate on their job.
Recently I overheard them complaining about bus fares and their household financial problems – asking each other when they would get paid.
Most of them are elderly women.
Why are these cleaners not paid for about six months?
Why is the Gordon Market management silent on this issue?
Show some gratitude, tell them the reasons for the delay.
The Department of Labour and Industrial Relations and National Capital District Commission should investigate the matter.

Teve Mofrave

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