Clear cemetery: NCDC

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

The National Capital District Commission has renewed calls for the public to remove structures over graves at the 9-Mile Cemetery.
NCDC chief health surveyor Isoa More said due to a lack of response from the public after a similar request almost four months ago, the commission was seeking cooperation again.
More said while they had yet to secure funding from the management to undertake the exercise, they had to inform the public in advance so that they had ample time to remove the structures they put up over the graves of their loved ones.
He said once funding was secured, they would fence the cemetery properly.
“We will put out a public notice to inform the public to start removing the structures within a particular time frame,” More said.
“If the time frame lapses, we may be forced to demolish all the structures,” More said.
More said much of the land at the cemetery was being taken up by structures that were built beyond their allocated portions without consulting the commission.
“According to the NCDC Act, the public is only allowed to build structures not exceeding one metre in width and two metres in height, but people have gone beyond that,” he said.
He said once the cemetery was fenced, they would make properly allotments for the graves and burials would be done with the construction of headstones and not with other structures.