Clergy visit locals

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The National, Thursday February 20th, 2014


AN Archbishop, who represented Pope Francis in Rome, visited Kurki Catholic mission in the Anglimp local level government, Jiwaka, on Sunday.

Archbishop Michael Banach and Fr Kaizimer Radzik, with a contingent of clergy men who were on canonical visitation, were given a rousing welcome by traditional singsing groups. The occasion was witnessed by more than 10,000 people from the dioceses in Jiwaka and Western Highlands.

Banach said he was honoured to visit the new Jiwaka province.

“This is a privilege for me to visit a beautiful place with friendly people,’’ he said, adding that he was very happy with the reception he had received from the traditional singsing groups.

“I love this province and people so I can it my second home,” he said.

Banach relayed Pope Francis’s message, saying that he “loves Papua New Guinea and people of Jiwaka”.

Chairman of the organising committee, Steven Moka said people of Jiwaka and Western Highlands were honoured to have received  the  archbishop.

’’In particular, it is a privilege and a blessing for Kuli parish,’’ he said.

Moka has described the visitation as timely because many societies were now riddled with sins.

’’Sin is reaching its peak and diminishing the work of gospel. People easily give in to it but such visitation will remind them to think about God.”

Moka said the church was looking forward to initiate programmes to overcome such challenges.

Meanwhile, Anglimp-South Waghi MP, Komun Joe Koim K100,000 to Kuli parish.

He said that he would work in partnership with churches.