Clergyman commends move by department


IT is extraordinary in the world for a government department to introduce a subject based on Christian values in its curriculum, an Australian clergyman says.
Br David Hawke said the Education Department was doing something unique in the world.
“As an outsider, to hear that a government department is developing a curriculum called Citizenship and Christian Value Education, I would say its rather unique in the world,” he said.
“PNG is known for being a Christian country and to see the education department taking on this curriculum, I think is commendable and a great example to the rest of the world.”
Hawke said these values were necessary for young people to deal with the issues they were facing in the country.
Meanwhile, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School principal Bernadette Ove said church agency schools had been teaching Christian value education for many years.
“Catholic schools in PNG have been teaching Christian value education in our religious education lessons ever since the inception of the schools,” she said.
“Other church agency schools have been teaching Christian values and there is no exception for catholic.
“This new subject (CCVE) will reinforce what is already happening in the church agency schools.
“Not only Catholic schools but other church agency schools that are in partnership with the department of education.”
She said one of the main problems faced by young people today was social media.

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