Clerk lauds move on judicial law

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

CLERK of parliament Don Pandan supports the call by the governor-general to repeal the Judicial Conduct Act.
Pandan was speaking during yesterday’s induction of new parliamentarians.
Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio had called on the government to repeal the act when officially opening the country’s ninth parliament on Tuesday.
Pandan said as legislators, members of parliament should be making laws to serve the interest of Papua New Guineans.
He told the new MPs: “You should not become project officers carrying cheque books around.
“In fact, I believe you do not have cheque books.
“The only cheque book you have is probably your personal cheque book.
“Our people tend to think that parliamentarians carry cheque books around. This is not true.”
Pandan said the primary role of an MP was to enact legislation or amend it if it was not suitable.
“I am only here to help you see that the processes and procedures of enacting and amending such legislations are done correctly.
“If you need to seek legal clarification or need to propose a bill, come and see us. We have lawyers who can assist you,” Pandan told the new MPs.
He also directed MPs with such queries to seek help from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General and the Constitutional Law Reform Commission.