Clients: Branch must expand

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The National, Tuesday 14th Febuary 2012

CUSTOMERS at Bank South Pacific Wewak branch say it must expand services there to cater for the increasing number of clients each day.
There have been long queues outside the bank each day since Christmas.
The queues often stretch for about 100m from the entrance as hundreds of customers sacrificing hours outside in the hot and wet weather conditions to pay for their children’s school fees or access other services.
East Sepik Deputy Governor Toby Samek was one notable person who joined the queue at 9am and was served just before the bank closed at 3pm last Tuesday.
Samek said he had to spend four hours outside before entering and then spend about an hour inside before being served.
Provincial Culture and Sports chairman David Kausik expressed disgust at the long queues outside the bank each day, saying BSP should immediately reopen its Maprik branch and install more ATMs for its customers in Wewak to reduce the long queues.
The Maprik branch was partly destroyed by fire and was closed last year forcing all customers from the Central Sepik region to flock into Wewak to do their banking.
The Wewak branch services clients from the province and parts of West Sepik, including Lumi and Nuku districts.
Wewak branch manageress Annette Poka could not be reached for comments as she was out of the province.