Climate advocate to auction boots

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The National, Friday 30th December 2011

CLIMATE change activist Latin N’drihin is auctioning the trusty pair of boots he has worn on his 835,075 steps from Bogia to Madang, Madang to Lae, plus a three-day walk around the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium in Lae.
Since he set off walking in Madang earlier this year, N’drihin has kept a record of his steps.
He bought the size seven pair of boots for K200 in Manus in May last year and has been treading away in them since.
He said he planned to auction his boots for K10,000 in Papua New Guinea or in Australia.
He said failing that, he would negotiate with the manufacturer to replace his worn down pair with a new one.
He said despite walking long distances, crossing rivers and climbing mountains, the boots had not let him down.
N’drihin said he had never suffered blisters or sores and the boots had proved the perfect protection for his feet.
He said he was so pleased with the boots he would try to promote the brand during his marathon walk in Australia to secure sponsorship.
N’drihin arrived in Port Moresby by plane on Monday after suspending his plan to walk from Lae to Port Moresby.
He abandoned the idea because of the tribal clashes between Garaina and Wau.
He is in the capital city to walk the Sir John Guise Stadium track for five days and nights without a break as part of a promotional campaign.
He plans to walk the stadium next month after he secures sponsors and makes the necessary arrangements with the stadium management.
He said every step he took in the walk would be sold for a kina each and all money raised would go towards supporting his biggest challenge – a marathon walk around all states of Australia, starting from Canberra.
The money raised will help him cover the cost of a documentary production with Green TV.
N’drihin said from the money he raised in Australia, 50% would go towards Oxfam International to support its charity work, while 50% would be used to carry out his campaign in the Pacific.
He said the money would be managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature and for projects to include :
l    Planting five million mangrove trees in 500 communities in the Pacific in five years;
l    Reforestation of the Highlands areas where he will promote planting of pine trees; and
l    Carrying out an ocean blue campaign aimed at keeping the Pacific Ocean free of rubbish.