Climate change advocate urges people to plant trees

Normal, Papua


A LOCAL climate change advocate has challenged every Papua New Guinean to plant trees and mangroves in mainland and along the coast lines and be environmentally friendly to save the planet from the effects of climate change.
Bootless Lavadai Reforestation association president Felix Daroa said climate change was real as “we can see the effects” and the only way simple ordinary people could do to help mitigate climate change  effects was by planting as many trees as possible.
Mr Daroa, who has been spearheading in planting mangroves as part of a mitigation strategy to reduce green house gas emission into the atmosphere, said this last week when The National visited the Bootless Reforestation site.
Mr Daroa, who is also a chief from Tubuserea village, outside Port Moresby, said he stated planting mangroves since 2007 and now had about 5,000 mangroves.
Just recently, his team of 300 members added another 1,000 mangroves adding up to 6,000 mangrove trees.
He set targets that each day he would plant 200 mangroves and towards the end of the year, Mr Daora is looking at having 10,000 plus mangrove trees planted.
Currently, he has 5,000 mangroves in his nurseries around the Bootless Bay area, ready to be planted during the world international day of climate action on Oct 24.
Mr Daroa said PNG was privileged to have 44 of the 45 species of mangroves in the world of which 38 specifies grow in the Bootless Bay alone.
He explained that mangroves did not need much human care in terms of weeding, pruning and watering.
Given the special characteristics of self-dependence, he urged every Papua New Guinean to plant trees and save the planet from being warmed up by the heat.