Climate change battle one-sided


THIS is an observation on the costs and benefits of global warming.
Notably, China and Russia are already buying time to delay the “zero emissions” deadline of 2050 to go as far as 2060 to 2070.
This is to allow due assessments on phased in transitions without compromising the existing quality of life for citizens under fossil fuels.
They have a lot at stake insofar as not leaving behind 80 per cent of their less to do population to subscribe to the global call.
Companies like Tesla, which is at the forefront of rolling out electric vehicles, is now valued at trillions of dollars and is underwriting its investments on global climate agenda.
The average price of an electric car is US$60,000 (about K210,525.50) which is beyond the means of an average person.
It is sad that products made to help fight global warming are only ever owned by the wealthy and private capitalists are seizing the opportunity to possibly derive an exponential profit on electric car solutions.
The same goes other products.
The United Nations (UN) may have failed to take ownership of the process technology patents in partnership with those leading companies to avail the end product at affordable price to every member country.
In this instance, the UN has failed to take ownership in the whole climate chain process to mitigate a solution. Otherwise, the use of fossil fuels will still be the main stay of many countries until 2080.

Observer NCD