Climate change gets K18m

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013


AN additional K18 million was given to Papua New Guinea yesterday by the European External Assistance Services to put greater effort into climate change initiatives. 

National Planning Minister Charles Abel (pictured) and director of European External Assistance Services Gerhard Sabathil signed the deal in Port Moresby.  

The funding will particularly apply to rebuilding the capacity of the National Forest Authority where the PNG Government will take charge of the forest inventory, measure areas of sustainability and apply effective outcomes for a manageable and possible trading opportunity of forest resources. 

The initiative is focused on improving trade and achieving sustainable outcomes in dealing with the highly strategic resources to improve lives and benefit the people.  

Abel said this assistance would give PNG an opportunity to clarify its stand on the many climate change issues and how and where it could create avenues to utilise the changes. 

“This money will be used to build capacity at the National Forest Authority. It is for forestry inventory; to measure areas of sustainability and benefits for the people now and in the future,” he said. 

“Forest is a strategic asset for PNG that, on the global scale, we have the second largest virgin forest in the world. Given that support by the European Union, PNG must and will use it to establish a sustainable economy on forest where our people will benefit from.”

Sabathil said the EU was excited to know how PNG would utilise the funds towards establishing direct and effective measures to counter climate change challenges in the country. 

“EU is interested in your forests or timber arrangements that we would like to support you in securing fundamental and strategic outcomes to develop the lives of your people,” he said. 

Abel told the EU delegates that Forest Minister Patrick Pruaitch was pleased with the help.