Clinic on the verge of closing


THE Salvation Army Clinic at Koki in Moresby South, National Capital District, will close in the next two weeks if funding from the government is not made available, an official says.
Salvation Army land and property manager Bugave Kada said the clinic was operating with its own means to serve the community since March 31. “It has been very challenging for us with limited funds to continue the operation and has come to a state that we cannot continue anymore,” he said.
The clinic signed a memorandum of agreement in 2018 with the Health Department but were never given funding until Oct 2019, receiving only K200,000. The funds sustained the clinic for six months until March this year.
“Even with the Covid-19 and the closure of other clinic commends we are still operating to serve the community”
Kada thanked their main partners, the Health Department, NCD Provincial Health Authority and Christian Health Services who supported the clinic during the last few months
According to SA acting director for health Charlie Clement the clinic served a total population of about 27,000.
Services offered include general outpatient, baby clinic, immunisation, post-antenatal care, people living with HIV and Aids and other services offered at the clinic free.
Clement said the closure of the clinic would make life harder for the people.
He appealed to the Health Department, NCD PHA, and NCDC to assist with funding for the clinic.


  • The health policy of all PNG governments, past and present, has been consistent and unequivocal.
    We make certain that all government politicians and heads of departments receive sufficiently high salaries to be able to travel overseas for treatment when they get ill. Lesser mortals have to help themselves best they can. That is our culture and should be cherished as such. If foreign organisations are silly enough to try and help the lower orders, that is their business and they shouldn’t seek help from our government. In PNG black lives matter, but only to the white foreigners.

  • The country is right now going through tough times as we are all aware. The government health facilities are also facing the same situation with lack of many things. It would be better if Koki S/Army clinic could temporarily close down until when the situation around us gets back to normalcy.

    Just a thought..

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