Clinic records 1000 HIV cases

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

Kundiawa General Hospital has recorded over 1000 confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS at the hospital’s special clinic.
Director of the Prapra HIV testing clinic, a branch of the hospital, Dr John Tonar confirmed there were 1030 cases recorded.
He said these were cases reported at the clinic but estimated that there could be an equal number of cases still out in the communities.
“This unreported cases also have their partners, therefore I anticipate that there are some 3000 to 4000 people infected and are living in the communities,” Dr Tonar said.
He said the confirmed cases recorded at the clinic were mainly from unprotected sex.
Dr Tonar gave these statistics during a  school HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) exposition at Gembogl station in upper Chimbu last week.
He said knowledge was a powerful tool to avoid contracting HIV and TB.
He praised Gembogl district disease control officer Willie Gene Michael and teachers from Goro, Denglagu, Gembogl, Womatne and Bongugl primary schools who staged the exposition.
The event involved students who took part in dramas, debates, marches, poems and essays on the reality of HIV/AIDS and TB.
“I thank you teachers for being instrumental in disseminating health messages through various means, you are working very hard to educate our future generations on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and TB. Your effort will go a long way to save our future generations.”
Dr Tonar is also the leader of the rural outreach team of the Kundiawa hospital that goes out to districts and villages to provide health care for patients who could not travel to the hospital.