Clinton thanks Port Moresby citizens

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I WOULD like to thank the people of Port Moresby for their warm welcome and overwhelmingly positive response during the visit of US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton on Nov 3.
Secretary Clinton was deeply touched by the cheering crowds that greeted her throughout the city.
I am sure that it will leave a lifelong positive impression of the warmth and hospitality of the people of Papua New Guinea.
I would like to congratulate all of the many hardworking officials, whether at the prime minister’s office, the foreign ministry, the airport, National Capital District, the police, security and all others involved in the preparation for the secretary’s visit.
The trip was a great success and your efforts were crucial.
Finally, let me once again say thank you but this time to those who may have been inconvenienced by security measures, including the many who waited at blocked streets so that the secretary’s motorcade could pass.
My wife Antoinette and I are both natives of Washington DC.
We understand how security measures can delay people as they go about their daily activities, especially when commuters are trying to get home after work or do their shopping to get dinner on the table.
The fact that everyone did so patiently with many others actually standing outside their cars to cheer the secretary’s motorcade says a lot about this city and its people.
But those of us who live and work here already know about those great qualities.
And now the secretary and her entourage do as well.
Thanks, Port Moresby.


Teddy Taylor
US Ambassador